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Broken Spring Replacement | Great Divide Door Service

Your garage door is one of the most used access points to your home. It’s never convenient for it to break. One of the most common problems...

Garage Door Replacement | Great Divide Door Service

When you’re ready for a garage door replacement, you’ll see many options and features that will make the choice very difficult. There are steel, glass...

Electric Door Installation | Great Divide Door Service

You probably use your garage door to enter and exit your home more than any other portal. Your electric garage door opener makes for...

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When you park your car, you push a button and expect your garage door to open. You probably don’t even think about it until it doesn’t work. You use your garage door 6–8 times a day. If your kids play basketball, the net probably hangs above your garage door. Eventually, your garage door will need repairs or replacement. Call a professional who will be sure to do the job right.

Great Divide Door Service in Lakewood, Colorado is the professional electric door installer and garage repair service you can trust to find the best solution to your needs. Whether you want remodeling for curb appeal or just want to keep your current system operating for a few more years, our technicians will get your garage door opener working efficiently.

If you want to update your home’s exterior look, you’ll be surprised with the choices that are available. Many new garage doors are steel to provide security and durability, but they look like wood. Glass doors have a modern look and update the look of your home. Modern garage door openers interface with your GPS and Wi-Fi. When you open your garage door, your thermostat can instantly raise or lower the temperature to keep your utility bills down.

If your garage door is acting sluggish, call to have a technician examine your system before it completely breaks down. Garage door openers have many different moving parts that get daily use. An expert can quickly and accurately identify the problem so you won’t lose the convenience of your garage door. Don’t wait until you can’t open your garage door one morning before work.

We specialize in garage door opener replacement in the Denver area with both businesses and residences. You’ll be completely satisfied when the job is done. Call us today for a consultation.